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MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES

MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES

MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES  MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES

MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs - KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES. This item is in stock, and ready to send! KAVS R53 Reduced Supercharger Pulley.

Available in a wide range of sizes, but stocked by Orranje in 15% for immediate despatch. Please see our website for other sizes, which will come direct from KAVS.

This kit includes KAVS R53 Reduced Supercharger Pulley, the correct size Gates belt, and NGK BCR8ES Spark Plugs. Please see our other listing for pulley only. So, what is a Reduced Supercharger Pulley?

Unlike a turbocharger, which is propelled by high pressure exhaust gas, a supercharger is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft. You therefore do not suffer the effects of'turbo-lag' (where there are not enough exhaust gases to compress the quantity of air required lower down in the rev range).

The MINI supercharger is the Eaton M45; which is a roots blower. This means that within the turbine housing, two specially crafted lobes with minimal clearance of one another spin in order to compress air, which then passes through the horn, in to the intercooler, out the other side and in to the head and cylinder block. The way the lobes spin is that two cogs interlink at one end outside of the main air-flow path, and connect to a pulley on the outside of the turbine housing.

This is where it gets interesting. As this pulley is driven by a belt connecting it to a crank, the lobes spin at a rate that compresses enough air to keep the engine running smooth. The best part is that by reducing this supercharger pulley, an extremely simple modification, you can easily make the lobes spin even faster; which means more compressed air to mix fuel with. Once this has been done, it results in a bigger combustion and a lot more power.

It's worth noting at this point, that in order to build a reliable engine, it is advised that you build it up as a complete package. As such an uprated intercooler such as the Airtec Mini Cooper S R53 Intercooler. Perfectly complements your reduced supercharger pulley.

By making the supercharger work harder, it means there is a lot more air to cool which the standard intercooler will struggle to efficiently cool; especially in countries with a relatively hot climate. Bear in mind that MINI themselves felt the need to upgrade the standard intercooler when they released the limited edition Cooper S GP, which was fitted with just an 11% reduced supercharger pulley (as well as the upgraded intercooler).

As with all our products, you don't need to be building a fully prepped track car to benefit from our large range of premium parts. Here are just a few reasons why you could benefit from a KAVS Motorsport Reduced Supercharger Pulley. Because the supercharger now spins faster than normal, you can expect to see more torque; especially lower down in the rev range. If you don't alter your driving style, you should see an increase in fuel economy.

A reduced supercharger pulley is one of the most cost effective modifications for a supercharged car, and can lead to big performance gains. Our pulleys are significantly cheaper than most (if not all) or our direct competitors - and we have never compromised on quality. Although we are cheaper than these competitors, we have received lots of feedback telling us how. Our pulleys are easier to install and change with our exclusive 2-piece design concept.

Pulley sizes can be changed in just one hour! Perfect for changing your pulley.

For different seasons; in colder months, you could run a smaller pulley for more power. Hotter months, run something slightly more sensible, although still smaller than stock. For racing; if you don't want to run a really small pulley on the road, you could run one of our less extreme pulleys for the road and then a severely reduced pulley on the track. However, we would recommend seeing your local MINI specialist for tuning options to make whatever pulley you are running work efficiently with your engine. Our pulleys are of superior quality to other brands.

The central reel that the belt wraps around is a lot'kinder' to the supercharger belt which, if it snaps, can cause significant damage to your engine. When combined with other quality components to build a complete engine package, you can expect to see big power gains over factory performance figures. A rare double-edge design on the pulley to help preserve the life of your supercharger belt. At KAVS Motorsport, we have listened to the invaluable feedback from our customers in order to improve our products.

This has seen changes in the design and function of the KAVS Motorsport Reduced Supercharger Pulley, and one of the biggest changes has been the size of our range. We can provide you with any of the following'percentage' of reductions over the standard supercharger pulley. 11%, 13%, 14%, 15%, 16%, 17%, 18%, 19% and 20% are all available as direct replacements.

We are asked a lot of the time what the'best' size is. Do you want better fuel economy? Do you want a small performance gain? Or a huge performance gain?

We only ask this because there is no correct answer as to what the'best' size is. We are more than happy to guide you in the right direction, but it's best to have a good idea of what you're after beforehand. The KAVS Motorsport Reduced Supercharger Pulley MKIIs are manufactured on our CNC lathes out of high quality steel. They all come powder coated in a nice stealth gloss black on the outer piece - helping your engine bay remain discreet, with the inside piece coming with a galvanic coat. Every pulley is also subject to strict quality control tests which adhere to the high ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. Please note: We recommend that this product is installed by a professional garage or by a professional mechanic to avoid any potential damage to your supercharger. Orranje can not take any responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect fitting of these kits. Please note that all photos are for illustration purposes only, as designs / colours may differ when manufacturers make changes. We hate waste, so we have taken the decision to reuse as much packaging as we can to reduce the amount that we throw away. Please don't worry though; we will only reuse packaging if we are confident that it will offer the protection your item requires.

Please note that this product may not be TÜV approved. We strongly advise that fitting appointments are not booked until the items have been delivered to you. If ordering from abroad, please ensure items are legal / can be imported into your country.

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  1. Brand: KAVS Motorsport
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: KAVS-SC
  3. Pulley/Tensioner Type: Pulley

MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES  MINI Cooper S R52 R53 Supercharger Pulley Kit Belt Plugs KAVS 15% / NGK BCR8ES