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Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black

Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black

Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black    Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black

Tough Deck is our premium WPC Composite Decking Board. Stone Grey, Anthracite Grey, Charcoal Grey, Chocolate Brown. 2.2m Long x 150mm Wide x 25mm Depth. Low Maintenance / Easy To Clean.

For Commercial & Domestic Install. Not To Peel, Bubble Or Delaminate. Slip Resistant / More Grip In The Wet. UV Stabilisers / Uniquely Uncapped. Fully Embossed Reversible Groove Patterns.

Reversible / 2 Options Of Finish. Anti-Rot, Will Not Splinter Or Warp. 25mm Depth - Tougher Than The Rest. Finish your Decking in style! Also Available From Tough Decking.

Ideal for use in a variety of applications, such as edging and corner protection. Designed to cover exposed ends of the decking, providing a finished look. Provides an integrated and clean front edge on steps or around your decked area. Order A sample Pack For 99p Today. COMPOSITE DECKING BOARDS ACTIVE+ & WOODSMAN+.

Tough Decking commercial grade decking board provides a clean & professional finish to any deck area. Are you looking to transform your garden or outdoor space?

Then our Tough Decking composite boards are the perfect choice for you. Formed from 60% plastic and 40% recycled wood, the composite decking boards are uniquely uncapped. They will not rot, decay, warp or splinter.

Unlike lower-quality composite decking boards on the market. Designed against fading, our durable composite boards have anti-mildew properties built into the product. They are also anti-slip, providing even more grip in the wet. Our composite boards have full body colour running through the product.

Unlike wood decking, minor scratches or scraps caused by heavy garden furniture or household pets can be easily sanded out whilst maintaining the original colour of the decking. Tough Decking is the perfect alternative to standard wood decking but with all the benefits of being a composite material. For variety, we offer a different option of tread.

On each side of the Tough Decking boards. The boards have a choice of attractive, but tough, anti-slip surfaces, offering even more grip when wet! We also offer the popular and unique step nose board, which you can use to form your steps or to meet any cladding that joins the decking.

The stepped nose will provide an integrated and smooth transition on any corner, setting us apart from our competitors. Tough Deck boards are easy to maintain, with anti-mildew properties built into the product. Tough Deck products require virtually no maintenance and are very easy to clean.

All our fixing and starter clips are surface hidden to provide a high-end flawless finish. All our options of clips are fixed directly to the supporting joists. When fitted between the boards, this controls the expansion and contraction of the composite boards (a minimum of 8 per board is, recommended). Both our options of boards are suitable for commercial or domestic installs. Our competitive prices and our customer service!

For any questions or queries, please, get in touch with our technical team. We can help determine the best solution and quantity of decking you may require for your project. Our technical team has over 20 years of combined knowledge and expertise in installing and supplying composite decking. Therefore, there is no question or query we wouldn't be able to answer. Composite Decking is easy to install and maintain.

We are here to help, whatever the situation or query, 24/7 and 365 days a year. COMPOSITE DECKING ACCESSORIES & OTHER OPTIONS. Why not take a look at our Corner L-profile Fascia skirts and Step Nose Boards?

Match them to your decking colour or mix them up, with a different colour to your decking. There are some fantastic examples of mixed decking out there and the possibilities are endless. Also available our Fixing T Clips & Starter Clips, which will be concealed from view and will not break or decay. We personally pack each pallet and dispatch it from our depot. Please don't hesitate to give us a call on any requirements you may have.

At the checkout you will be prompted to select a date, which we will try our very best to uphold. Collections can be made from depots in either Torquay or Totnes (Devon). All we ask is that you please arrange this 24 - 48 hours in advance. Please note: We do not deliver on Bank Holidays and Public Holidays.

Please note: liquids cannot be sent to international addresses due to current aviation regulations. Before fitting composite decking the material should be left for a minimum of 24 hours in the area it is to be fitted. The decking will expand and contract slightly in different weather conditions.

The surface colour will also fade slightly, (more so on light colours) but this will stabilize after the first 6 months. Composite decking can be worked with normal woodworking tools.

A hand saw or chop saw is ideal for cutting the boards and joists to length. The composite decking must not be laid directly on the subfloor. Decking must be fixed to composite joists if installed over a flat solid sub-surface. If the decking needs to be raised then a timber frame can be installed first. The supporting base must be installed with a slight fall, (minimum 1/30) and ideally away from the property.

The water must be able to run along and down the length of the decking boards so it can drain off the ends. All supporting Joists should be installed in parallel lines at 90 degrees to the decking. All joists should be installed at even centres.

If using composite joists, these should be fixed directly to a solid base using expansion joist screws or concrete haunches. Joists must be fixed in parallel lines with a 10mm spacing at either end of each joist. 2: Fixing Decking Boards To Composite or Wood Joists. Starter and T-piece decking clips should be used to hold the decking boards in place. Alternatively, boards can be screwed down through the deck surface making sure to maintain an even 6mm gap between all boards. All decking joints should also be staggered. Starter Clips are used to start the decking installation process & finish/lock the end planks into position. T-Clips are used between each decking board. Step two above shows a T-Clip being installed by offering each clip up to the decking boards and screwing in place with the stainless steel screw provided. The next decking board can then be slid up and tapped into position before repeating the process. The diagram on the right shows how a T-clip can also be slid between two decking boards and using a thin driver head, be screwed down to hold both board sides at once. All decking board ends and sides must all be fully supported and fixed down with starter clips or T-clips. All sides must be fixed down to each supporting joist. If the decking is screwed down, a suitable stainless steel counter sunk screw must be used on both sides and ends of each board into all supporting joists. T-Clips are designed to space the decking boards regularly but also allow for a small margin of expansion and contraction. All board ends must be fixed down and fully supported by a joist, (deck board ends should not overhang by more than 30mm at any point). Were two board ends meet two joists and four clips will be required, one joist and two clips for each board end, (do not use one T-clip to bridge two board ends).

A 10mm gap must be left between the end of the boards and any solid surface. Between boards Leave a 6mm gap to allow for expansion and contraction. 3: Edges / Trims / Finishing. Once all boards have been fixed in place, any uneven edges, exposed joists or step nosings can be finished using our composite skirting and L profiles.

Skirting and L profiles can either be screwed or glued in place depending upon the fitting location. All our composite decking, trims and profiles are full-bodied meaning the colour runs through the material from top to bottom. This allows the material to be sanded to remove damage or refine any miss-cut edges or corners. Allow the decking 24 hours to acclimatise. Take weather conditions into account when allowing for expansion and contraction gaps. Install the decking with a fall along the length of the boards. Fully support and fix down all board ends with two fixings and one joist per end, (Double joist all joints). Keep decking clean and wash regularly for the first month with light detergent and rinse with fresh water. Support and fix down all board ends directly to supporting joists. Sand down any roughly cut edges with sandpaper.

Always make a pilot hole when screwing into any WPC material. Do not lay waterproof or airtight mats, covers or other flat objects directly onto the decking. Forget the decking will expand and contract so leave an appropriate gap at end of all boards.

Lay/install the decking laying directly onto the subfloor. Install the decking completely flat. Install the decking on an uneven surface. Exceed the stated support frame centres. Power wash the decking above 30 Bar. Do not block the ends of the boards. Do not heat the surface, middle or underside of the boards. Q: Which composite decking range is better Active+ or Woodsman+? A: Both the Active+ and Woodsman+ composite boards are effectively the same product, with both being reversible and having the same dimensions. The only difference is Active+ offers 2 options of groove patterns, where as the Woodsman+ offers a Woodgrain pattern and a groove pattern on the reverse side.

Q: Does your composite decking have a guarantee? A: Yes, Tough Decking wouldn't supply anything without believing and trusting in the product. We offer a 15-Year Guarantee on all our products. Q: How much does composite decking cost?

A: Tough Decking has increased in popularity because of its very low and competitive pricing structure. To work out exactly what you need get in touch with us and we can work it all out for you.

Q: What colours does the composite decking come in? A: Tough Decking has a brilliant range. The two designs of boards we supply can be supplied in Anthracite Grey, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown and Stone Grey. Q: How far apart should the supporting joists be? A: The supporting joists must be spaced 370mm apart and each end of the board must be supported with its own individual joist and clip (referred to in our instructions and the trade as a'Double Joist').

Q: Do I need special tools to install the decking? A: There are no specialist tools required to install composite decking. Any competent DIY enthusiast or tradesman can install the decking as long as the fitting instructions are followed. Tough Decking has been supplying and installing composite decking for over 10 years. As we have got busier through the years, we have now become suppliers only of the product. We know how composite decking should be installed and from experience, know what size boards work when expansion and contraction from the weather come into play. Importantly, that is why we only supply 2.2 linear metre boards, as longer boards from tested experience, are unstable and hard to'hold back' or control in varying temperatures. The 2.2m board, encourages more joist supports and a staggered joint (brick effect). We pack each pallet and dispatch it from our depot in Totnes, Devon. We always take photo evidence of how the decking was packaged, in the unlikely event there is an issue with the order whilst in transit to you. Collections can be made from our depot in Totnes (Devon). All we ask is that you please arrange this in advance with us before attempting collection. Please make sure the goods are sent back in good working order and the original packaging.

(Please do not forget to include a note with your name, address and copy of your original invoice if possible). We would greatly appreciate being notified within 24 hours of receipt of your order, of any discrepancies or damage to goods. If replacements are required, we will aim to get these to you, as soon as feasibly possible. Full Terms & Conditions can be found on our main website for your complete peace of mind. Registered in England & Wales No: 5466356.

Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black    Composite Decking Full Kits Best WPC Decking Boards Pack Dark Grey Brown Black