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880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home

880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home

880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home   880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home

Under 4 hours full sunshine. 520W system generating 2.08KWh per day. 640W system generating 2.56KWh per day. 880W system generating 3.52KWh per day. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system is mainly composed of a wind power generator, a solar panel, a controller, an inverter, a battery, cables, supports, and auxiliary parts.

At night and rainy days without sunlight, wind power generates electricity, and sunny day generates electricity from solar energy. This complete kit includes inverter and lithium battery, not needing to take any other parts. In the case of both wind and sun, the two play a role at the same time, realizing all-weather power generation function, which is more economical and scientific than single fan and solar energy. Start your wind & solar energy journey now!

Much better than Modified Sine Wave Inverter, protect appliance life and no electromagnetic pollution. Suitable for all appliances, such as microwave, coffee maker, TV, refrigerator, chest freezer, pond pump, etc. Can be switch to Lead-acid Battery or Lithium Battery, extend your battery life & improve inverter efficiency. [LCD Display & Smart Fan]. Check battery remains voltage easily, master your electricity duration; Smart cooling fan for saving energy & protect the inverter.

Can be used for Car, RV, Trailer, Camping, House, Boat, Cabin, Farm, etc. Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit. Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets. 1000W Solar Panel System with 200Ah Lithium Battery.

1700W Solar Panel System with 400Ah Lithium Battery. Dear customer, there is no need to worry about the timeliness of your parcel, because ECO-WORTHY has three warehouses in UK. In order to deliver the package to you as soon as possible, we hope you can provide the correct address and postal code. After we receive your order, we will process it as soon as possible. Here are the notifications you may need to pay attention to. If something is missing in the first package you received, please do not open a case or return it. Rather, please feedback us first, and we will check if your order is sent via multi packages. If you have any logistics problems, we will solve them in time for you. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any problemswithin one year afterpurchasing the product, please feedback us in time. In order to improve the efficiency of communication, please follow these instructions when you have after-sale problems.

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Please pack the product in good condition. ECO-WORTHY solar is manufacturers and wholesalers of solar panels and renewable energy products since 2007.

It was founded by several eco-friendly impassioned engineers and had achieved significant progress ever since that time. We have 15 patented technologies and have realized the specialization of production and the scale of warehouse.

We owns complete line of home solar power system, solar panel, solar panel kits and solar system component and provides a large selection of solar panel system ranging from 5W to above 1KW. We keep design at the center of every team and every discipline, to create truly unique and meaningful experiences.

Sustainability is not a buzzword or an afterthought, it's a mindful principle we infuse into everything we do. Pioneering solar energy technology that keeps you connected with nature and future. ECO-Worthy's motto of'make rural life better' is what drives us to lower the cost of solar panels and enhance your life. In order to make the suburbs, rural areas, RV mobile power consumption, these areas and users of electricity inconvenience can also enjoy the benefits of industrial automation. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\DIY Materials\Electrical Supplies\Alternative Energy Supplies\Solar Power Supplies\Solar Panels & Kits".

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  1. Package: 880W Medium Kit
  2. Current Rating: Greater Than 10 A
  3. Model: 520W 640W Wind Turbine Generator Kit
  4. Wattage: 600-699 W
  5. Current Type: AC/DC
  6. System Configuration: Hybrid
  7. Power Source: Wind
  8. Type: Solar Panel
  9. Features: All Daylight Conditions
  10. MPN: L04
  11. Power: 601-700 W
  12. Brand: ECO-WORTHY
  13. Solar Technology: Monocrystalline
  14. Application: Agriculture/Farming, Home/Garden, Shed
  15. Resistance Properties: Abrasion Resistant
  16. Voltage: 12 V

880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home   880W 640W 500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit 120W Solar Panel Off-Grid System Home